February 15, 2019

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Quality Ingredients

Like every proof, Coffee Theorem starts with a given. For us, that's quality ingredients. We accomplish this high-quality through farm to cup ingredients like coffee beans and Half & Half milk. We believe in supporting fair-trade coffee growers use light roast beans that allow us to taste the true flavors and origins of the coffee. Unlike the overpowering "burnt" taste that dark roasts produce. Our beans come from local roasting companies such as Thump, Sweet Bloom, and Coda. We also source our dairy from a local and sustainable farm, here in Colorado, providing the freshest ingredients possible. These quality ingredients give us a starting point for true art. But a perfect cup isn't guaranteed by ingredients alone; it must be tried and proven every step of the way.


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The Right Tools

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​​At Coffee Theorem, we want our baristas to be able to adjust as much as possible so they can optimize the flavors in every cup. Using premium equipment that has been tried and tested for reliable accuracy and manual adjusting, ensures our baristas have the right tools for crafting quality coffee. From the grind consistency of our Peak to the manual pre-infuse of our La Marzocco, our equipment is geared towards quality crafting not mass producing. 

Precision Crafting

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At Coffee Theorem, we believe that every variable is important and take the time and care needed in every step to ensure hand-crafted perfection. The more accurate the numbers are, the better the coffee will taste. This is the purpose and value of a barista. At Coffee Theorem, our baristas measure everything, and constantly adjust their time, weight, and grind consistency. This constant calculation gives our hand-crafted coffee the taste of a true artisan.  Every cup, whether espresso or drip, is accurately crafted in order to achieve its optimal potential and allow our customers to experience the full spectrum of deliciousness. That's why we use precision crafting in every grind, dose, tamp, and pour. We produce accurate, good tasting, coffee every time, so that you will always find reliably consistent results in your cup, but more importantly, results that make you thirsty for another.


Personalized For You

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We know that different people prefer different tastes. That is why we value the fine-tuning that every customer can provide and personalize every cup to your unique preference. While we aim to be your proof of good coffee, your satisfaction is ours. So, tell us what you want to taste in your perfect cup, and we will hand-craft personalized excellence just for you.

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